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Computer Training Group
Maximize Your Corporate Productivity

So you've afforded your staff the benefits of the Computer Training Group's technical training. They have maximized their computer proficiency in today's technically driven, competitive marketplace. You have given them the tools they need to succeed, to surpass your competitors.

What now? How else can CTG contribute to your bottom line?

In two ways. One is to put additional compensation into your pocket. The other is to facilitate the indebting of your associates who can refer you business and tout the tangible quality of your advice. How can these things be accomplished?.

Refer the Computer Training Group! For each enrollment you shall receive $20 per student, per course day.

For example: One of your business associates would like 10 employees (our standard class size) from their company trained in all 3 levels of Microsoft Word. That translates into 10 students times 3 classes times $20. This equals $600 in compensation to you. Receive this for simply passing on our phone number, email or website address!

This is not a one time payoff.You shall be paid under the same parameters for future courses this client procures. Should they call us the following month and want 10 individuals trained in both levels of Microsoft PowerPoint, you will simply receive a check for $400 in the mail and so on. This is a win-win-win scenario? Thank you in advance for your recommendation!

CTG business cards have space on the reverse side for referral information. Simply print your name and phone number, and provide the card to the prospective client. The final step is to await your compensation check(s).

(please speak with one of our account executives for referral agreement details)