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The following are actual, documented, excerpts. They originated from class evaluation forms completed by students, and letters of recommendation from clients. For matters of confidentiality, only the first name, type of organization, and state that they were addressed from, are provided where available. (Most evaluation forms are filled out anonymously at the students' discretion). Copies of each and every document quoted here are retained at our headquarters.


"The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and conduct courses in a professional manner...allowed us the flexibility to make changes in the course material and/or scheduling without difficulty...I would highly recommend the services this company provides to others. Mr. Randy Fassas has been available to assist us and has done so promptly, professionally and courteously"
O. Faye / Federal Agency / Connecticut

"The instructor's presentation was both skilled and pleasing. She made what could have been a long day into a fun learning experience"
Course Evaluation / Anonymous

"The purpose of this memo is to thank you and your team...for outstanding support of the computer training program"
Debbie / Manufacturing Company (largest employer in the state at the time) / New Hampshire

"Very good, thorough, takes time to give individual attention...extremely knowledgeable"
Course Evaluation / Anonymous

"offered a wide portfolio of course instruction not limited to the standard public course offerings. They employ technically competent and amiable instructors proven capable of meeting our specific and sometimes unique training requirements"
Jim / Major Healthcare Provider / Massachusetts

"was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I liked practical little tips. Keep all the practical little details. Those pay off handsomely"
Course Evaluation / Mark / Military Engineering Agency / Rhode Island

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