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Telephone support or training is for individuals who need immediate assistance. If you or your staff have not been able to put the time aside or coordinate schedules to book needed courses you may find phone support to be an invaluable resource when you are under the gun.

Blocks of phone support time may be utilized by anyone inside or outside your organization whom you authorize. They can be used for assistance on any software program for which we offer classroom training.

We hear countless tales of frustration..."I was panicked"..."I couldn't get the program to do what it is supposed to"..."I had to get the project done by the end of the day and didn't know who to call".

The end results are unfortunately similar..."I wasn't able to complete the task on time"..."We did not execute properly due to our lack of technical skills", or the worst ending..."We lost the client!"



Ouch! Don't let this happen to you. When you need help right now, contact the Computer Training Group. Please call us for specific pricing information at:

(888) 403-2885